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being thankfulLast November, I wrote about gratitude letters, how I wrote a note of thanks to the people in my life who I am grateful for, listing reasons why they were so special to me. This year, I’ve decided to show my appreciation for my loved ones in a different way. I’ve told them the special things about themselves that I love and appreciate; now it is my turn to do special things for them. What can I do to make the people I am thankful for thankful for me? How can I brighten their lives, or make them easier; what can I do to fill them with gratitude?

It’s easy to make the decision to be my best self with the people around me; it’s much, much harder to actually put that into practice. In order to hold myself accountable for my actions and decisions, and to work towards being someone that the people in my life are grateful for, I wrote a (brief) list of what I could do to contribute positively to the relationships I have.

Thankfulness Among Various People

The relationships I have with my loved ones are all different; what I’m thankful for when it comes to my husband isn’t necessarily the same thing he’s thankful for when it comes to me. So I made it simple. I asked. What do I do that my husband is grateful for? My children? My parents? And now I know exactly how to show how appreciative I am of having them all in my life – by making the conscious choice to behave in a way that will help them appreciate me. [click to continue…]

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The Mental Spa – Meditation For Peace and Relaxation

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The Fallacy Of Jumping To Conclusions

I think we have all been there. Driving behind someone who stops in a lane of traffic to turn – without using their signal. Walking behind someone in a store who slams the door in our face. Little moments of inconsiderate behavior where we stop and think “So rude! I can’t believe people do that!” The truth is, though, we’ve all done things like that, intentionally or not. We can get so easily blustered by or frustrated with others, instantly […]Read the full article...

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Why The Rush? Taking Control Of Your Time

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The Good And Bad Of Human Beings

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Are You Sabotaging Your Own Happiness?

Unhappiness is often a choice we make without even realizing we are responsible for bringing it on ourselves. We have the power to make our lives happier and easier by simply being kind. How do you react when someone wrongs you or confronts you? Do you exacerbate the problem with that person, or do you let it go with a humble attitude of kindness, giving in or apologizing? Often we feel the need to punish the person who wronged us […]Read the full article...


Positive Life Quotes – October 12, 2014

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