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Toothpaste Is Natural, And You Can Thank Your Lucky Stars

natural toothpasteYou use your natural toothpaste every day, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ever-present in your thoughts. Sure, you may ponder what brand whitens best, is strongest at fighting cavities, or gives you the best bang for your buck – but have you ever actually sat down and thought about what’s going on inside that little tube? One of the primary components in toothpaste is something called fluorine, and you might be surprised to find out that it has quite the cosmic past. But first, a few words on fluorine.

Flourine In A Nutshell

Flourine is a chemical element commonly found in a number of everyday products from chewing gum to toothpaste. Its inclusion in dental care products began in the middle of the 20th century, when it was shown to improve dental hygiene, and has continued ever since. Despite its widespread popularity, however, its origins have long been a mystery. So much so, in fact, that until very recently, three different theories of its origins existed. But now, scientists have discovered something downright “out there” that may put to rest all three other theories once and for all. [Read the full article]