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Are you always unhappy? Are you overwhelmed with negative thoughts? The goal of this site is to help you become the best you possible. By changing your thought and your outlook, you can change your life. The good news is that doing this is relatively easy. Start off by learning more about who I am and why I started this site and from there start to change your life!

Heart Disease Prevention: Help Prevent Your Loved Ones From America’s Number One Killer

Heart diseases affect hundreds of thousands of individuals, so how can you tell if you are at risk? It may seem like it would be incredibly complicated, but the facts that you need to know to prevent heart conditions are pretty simple. If you have high blood pressure or any of the other risk factors, be sure to read this infographic by PhysicianOne to prepare yourself with the knowledge that could save your life.

Knowing the signs and symptoms is important, but the most vital thing you can do is commit to the simple life changes that will keep your heart healthy to begin with. The best way to survive a heart condition is to avoid it ever developing. You will be surprised how easy it is to minimize your risk of heart disease.

Heart Health in America

What Does The Drug Rehab Process Consist Of?

drug rehab process

You might have a serious addiction and you want to get professional treatment at a womens drug rehab, however, you are nervous about this type of commitment because you are not familiar with everything that goes on during the rehab process. This is perfectly understandable and very normal. People have different ideas about what a rehab facility is like and the methods they employ there. Many of these ideas are completely false. If you are in a dire situation and you … [Read the full article]

20 Self Improvement Tips That Will Change Your Life

Motivation Cycle

I say all of the time that if you aren’t focusing on self improvement, you are just sitting on the sidelines of life. So the question becomes, are you happy with your life? Regardless of how you answered, you have the power to make your life better than it is today. The power to do so lies within each of us. All you need is a little nudge to get started. Because of this, I have compiled 20 self improvement tips for you to start making a part of your everyday life.Why … [Read the full article]

The Importance of Failing


Are you afraid to fail? I hope you answered no to that question because the only way you are going to be successful in life is to first fail. I am not talking just in your career, but in all aspects of your life – your career, relationships, hobbies, whatever, you need to fail. Too many people are afraid of failing. They choose to avoid failure at all costs. While they may appear to be successful on the outside, they will never know what true success is. They will never … [Read the full article]

Sickness And Health

health jobs

It seems inevitable with young children that someone will get sick over the holidays. In fact, with one in pre-school and the other in a pre-pre-school play group, my family is pretty much some kind of sick from October to March.This December was no different, and we spent Christmas and New Year's Eve snuggled in bed with a double ear infection, a case of walking pneumonia and a grumpy mom whose cold rendered all the delicious holiday food completely … [Read the full article]

Life Is Full Of Choices, So Choose Wisely

life is full of choices

Where are you today in life? Are you where you want to be? Are you happy, sad or indifferent? Where you are is a direct result of the choices you have made up to this point in your life. At the time, some choices might have seemed inconsequential, while others were major life choices. But in the end, all of these choices form together to create the person you are today and the life you live. If you start being more aware of your choices, you can change your life. Do The … [Read the full article]

My Stroke of Insight

my stroke of insight

One of the perks of having a mother who works at the library is that her house always has a surplus of books in it. She checks out anything interesting that passes across her desk, and she brings home plenty of donated or extra books for visitors to peruse.I was leafing through a stack of books in her room the other day, looking for something to read while both children napped (an almost unheard of event!), when I came across a book that caught my … [Read the full article]

Shaping Our Dreams

vision board

When our dreams are up in the air, floating around like barely-formed wisps in our minds and hearts, they can allude us, drifting about like dandelion wishes, seeming just as insubstantial. When we give our dreams a form, a voice, when we put our ideas to paper or articulate them in some way, we remind ourselves what is worth striving for, making it possible to see clearly what we want and even the steps we need to take to get there.A few years ago, a friend of a … [Read the full article]