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Asking For Second Chances

second chancesIt sometimes seems, as a parent, that all day long all we do is “do overs”.

“That’s not the right way to talk to me. Try it again please.”

“How can you ask your brother nicely? Let’s try again.”

“I asked you to walk, not run. Please come back here and try again.”

It can get a little frustrating, to say the least, but trying again seems to me to be a better lesson than yelling or scolding. Trying again can be tedious, but when we try again, we commit to do the right thing, even if we didn’t manage it the first time. To correcting our mistake. To learning. It’s not just my five and two year old that learn from this, it’s me as well.

It can be hard, even as the grown-up, to admit to mistakes and ask for a second chance. Luckily, little kids are pretty forgiving, and when I apologize for something like losing my temper, they are ready with hugs and smiles. My apologies don’t erase my, or my children’s, unwanted behavior. Apologizing for yelling at them when they do something wrong doesn’t erase how I lost my temper, or the consequences they face for misbehaving, but it does let them know that it’s OK for all of us to make mistakes, and that fixing those mistakes is the next step we have to take. [Read the full article]