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Welcome To Breath of Optimism!

Are you always unhappy? Are you overwhelmed with negative thoughts? The goal of this site is to help you become the best you possible. By changing your thought and your outlook, you can change your life. The good news is that doing this is relatively easy. Start off by learning more about who I am and why I started this site and from there start to change your life!

Achieving A Work Life Balance

work life balanceI would always chuckle at work when we were in a company meeting about work life balance. The presenter would be talking about how important it is to have a solid work life balance so that you can be happy and healthy. Yet as she was telling us this, all I could think about were the late night emails and voicemails from my boss about the various projects at work. Clearly, he didn’t get the memo.

Sadly though, it wasn’t only him, it was just about every boss I worked for. It’s like they are tuned out of these meetings or they only focus on the work side of the work life balance equation. Nevertheless, there are things you can do to achieve a solid work life balance. Here are some tips. [Read the full article]

Untie The Knot In Your Heart

untie the knot in your heart

There's a book, popular during my childhood, which I read to my children sometimes. It has strange but lovely pearls of wisdom in it, such as "If one day you must leave home, draw stars on the bottoms of your shoes to light your way back" and "If your horse needs shoes, let him use his wings". The paintings are strange and lovely as well, full of octopuses and armadillos and cheerful people in bright and wonderful clothes. … [Read the full article]

3 Amazing Tips To Get Your Bank Balance In Shape

grow bank account

Sometimes an opportunity falls in your lap that you can’t refuse. An eccentric Texan billionaire could enter your workplace and hand you a million dollars. A CEO could give you the job of your dreams. A mad oligarch could offer you presidential control of his company. But while these madcap fantasies might seem unlikely, there are plenty of more feasible strategies to make the big bucks fast.When you’re circling the rim of your overdraft, finding an opportunity to … [Read the full article]

The Optimist’s Guide To Career Development

guide to career development

Are you handcuffed to your desk throughout your nine-to-five grind? Do you slump your way through your day like a cast member from Dawn of the Dead? Does your mouse cursor hover over the “apply” button on job vacancy sites? Then it’s time to buck up your ideas and move on up in the world.Indeed, career progression can feel like an impossibility when you’re languishing in a job you hate. But take the right steps and you’ll find some wind in your sails. So what can you … [Read the full article]

7 Tips For How To Live A Happy Life

how to live a happy life

We all want to be happy. Sadly, many of us tie success to happiness and decide that the only way to be happy is to be successful. When, or maybe even if, we realize that success isn’t a straight line, we are perpetually unhappy. I am here to change that. In a previous post I told you how to get happy instantly, and now I am going to help you with how to live a happy life. How To Live A Happy Life In 7 Steps Look At Stress As A Positive OK, hold on here. I know when we … [Read the full article]

5 Ways To Lead Happy Employees

happy employees

As an employee, we want to work in a job and an atmosphere that make us happy. After all, we spend 40 hours or more each week at work, so we want to make sure that we are not working in a place that makes us miserable. While it is not 100% up to the employer to make us happy, the employer can do things that help keep our attitudes positive and breed more happiness than unhappiness. If you are an employer, here are 5 tips to lead happy employees. 5 Tips To Lead Happy … [Read the full article]

The Take Away Game

take away game

Remember Pollyanna, the eternally optimistic heroine of book and screen? I watched the Hailey Mills version as a child many times, and one thing I still think of from the movie is her "glad game", a game which involved finding something to be glad about in everything, even her own (temporary) paralysis.While the glad game seems like a beautiful idea, it's not always a practical one - no one who has just lost a loved one, for instance, or broken both legs, wants to … [Read the full article]

Stop Trying to Figure Everything Out: The Art Of Letting Go

breathe optimism

We tend to want to know reasons. Why did she break up with me? Why didn’t I get that job? The list goes on and on. We spend so much time dwelling on the past when we should be focused on the present and thoughts of the future and what is ahead of us. A great saying is that God put eyes in the front of our head so we can see what’s coming, not where we came from. The Art of Letting Go All the effort and energy you put into trying to figure things out is wasted. You … [Read the full article]